We’ve talked a bit today about the new television anime season premiering within the next couple of weeks but don’t forget that the new movie season is also  fast approaching. With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at one of the more hotly anticipated titles from Kyoto Animation; Free! Take Your Marks.

In this  new movie,  which follows the events of the second television season of Free!, four stories will be shared which focus one or two of the main characters as they prepare to plunge into adulthood and their respective futures. The titles for the four  episodes are:

1. “Unmei no Choice!”

2. “Hitou no Cooling Down!”

3. “Yakusoku no Butterfly!”

4. “Tabidachi no Eternal Blue!”

The movie opens in Japan on October 28th and will feature animation from Kyoto Animation and the original voices from the television series reprising their roles.

Via SG Cafe