This October, Macross fans across California will be asking “do you remember love?”

Earlier today, Super Dimension Convention announced that singer-songwriter Mari Iijima will attend this year’s event as a guest of honor. At the event, Iijima will perform in a live concert, which will be immediately followed by a signing event.

Super Dimension Convention will be held on October 28 at Torrance, CA’s Torrance Cultural Arts Center. Tickets are on sale, with three tiers available:

  • S.M.S. Squadron: $15
  • Skull Squadron: $75
  • Delta Squadron: $100

Mari Iijima has been active in the entertainment industry since 1982. A former student of the Kunitachi College of Music, Iijima pursued a career as a musician at the advice of her instructor, Shuko Sugitani. Iijima signed with JVC Victor, who immediately recommended her to the producers of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. She tried out, and was chosen to play the role of Lynn Minmay.

The show put Iijima on the map, and a year later, she released début album Rosé.

Following a career that took her from JVC to Warner, Iijima formed her own record label and released No Limit in 1999. The album won a nomination for Best Pop Artist at the 2000 Los Angeles Music Awards.

Super Dimension Convention held its inaugural event over ten years ago, under the name MacrossWorld. In addition to Iijima, this year’s convention will host Japanese cosplayer Reika as a guest. Planned events include the convention’s “Macross Idol” cosplay and performance contest, a custom model contest, and live auctions.

Source: Super Dimension Convention (Press Release)