While you were grieving the Wayne family’s tragedy, he studied the blade.

Earlier today anime studio Kamikaze Douga’s website updated with a new visual for Batman Ninja. The image features Batman standing against a grey sky, holding a pair of blades as a dingy yellow moon hangs behind.

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Batman Ninja will be released in 2018. According to Kamikaze Douga’s website, the project is “three years in the making.”

Junpei Mizusaki (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Opening Credits Producer) was tapped to direct Batman Ninja at his Kamikaze Douga studio. Takashi Okazaki (Garo -Vanishing Line-, Summer Wars – Oz segments) will provide character designs, while Kazuki Nakashima (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill) will write the scripts.

Yuugo Kanno (Blame!, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders) will score the title’s soundtrack.

Batman Ninja is a project from Warner Bros. Japan and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, which is slated to be released in 2018.

Kamikaze Douga CEO and founder Junpei Mizusaki, Takashi Okazaki, Kazuki Nakashima all took part in a panel for Batman Ninja on Thursday. At the panel, the trio introduced the project and showed off a teaser trailer.

Takashi Okazaki was the author of the original Afro Samurai manga, which launched in Nou Nou Hau magazine in 1999. Leo Chu and Eric Garcia both served as executive producers on the Afro Samurai anime, as well as sequel film Afro Samurai: Resurrection.

Source: Yaraon!