So, how long until someone starts calling them ❤︎♪!? Studio?

Earlier today, the official Geno Studio website revealed that they’re working on three TV anime projects. The studio showed off a visual for one of the projects, though they haven’t named or provided details on any of the works.

Geno Studio will release details on their upcoming titles on Monday, October 16 at 6:00PM JST (10/16/2017 at 5:00AM Eastern / 2:00AM Pacific).

Geno Studio was launched in 2015, and immediately taked with finishing work on Genocidal Organ after the closure of Manglobe. The organization was founded by producer Kōji Yamamoto (Eden of the East, Anohana), and is a full subsidiary of production company Twin Engine.

Source: Ota-suke

Note: We’re traveling into unconfirmed territory here, so I’m marking the below as rumor.

The filename for the original visual is “main_slide_kokkoku.jpg”. Kokkoku is the title of a 2008 manga by Seita Horio, which ran in Kodansha’s Morning Two magazine. The series spans eight collected volumes, and was nominated for the Manga Taisho award in 2011.

Kodansha Comics currently holds the rights to the series in North America, and plans to release the title in digital format tomorrow. They describe Kokkoku as:

In order to save her brother and nephew who have been kidnapped by a mysterious religious group known as the Genuine Love Society, Juri and her family cast a spell using a stone hidden by her grandfather to enter the world of stopped time known as Stasis. However, when they infiltrate the kidnapper’s base, they’re met by other people who can also move about freely. With grotesque creatures lurking about, will they be able to escape the parallel world and return to their normal lives?!