Nyo Nyo Nyo Nyo Nyo… Broccoli- Oh, no!

On Friday, Broccoli reported its financial performance for the first half of their 2017 fiscal year, which runs from March 1 through August 31.

During the briefing, the publisher announced that the company took in 2.252 billion yen ($20,120,301.89 USD) in individual merchandise sales, down 19.71% from the same period last year. Moreover, the company saw operating profits drop by 76.8%, down to 85 million yen ($759,224.80 USD). This was primarily attributed to a decline in operating profits from sales, which took up just 3.77% of the company’s revenues (down from 13.15% in 2016).

At the start of the fiscal year, Broccoli announced predicted operating income for Fiscal 2017 (3/1/2017 – 2/28/2018) to reach 700 million yen ($6,252,986.92 USD). As of now, the company stands at just 14.14% of that lofty goal.

Broccoli is a multimedia company that’s been in operation since 1994. In addition to its media holdings, the organization ran retail chain Gamers until 2011, when they sold the property to Animate. The company currently controls numerous fan-favorite brands, including DiGi Charat, Galaxy ANgel, Utano Prince-sama<, and Aquarian Age. Broccoli has also been involved with the production of numerous video games, anime, and trading card games based on its properties.

In the United States, Broccoli ran Broccoli International USA, which maintained both the Broccoli Books and Synch Point home video labels until 2008.

Media conglomerate GungHo purchased a stake in Broccoli in 2005, and retailer Animate bought an 11.31% stake in 2008.

Source: Nijipoi