Don’t worry, this one won’t require crystals for the gacha.

Earlier today, the official Granblue Fantasy The Animation Twitter account announced that the show will receive a second season. As of press time, no details are known aside from the fact that it’ll be a TV series.

Rough Translation:

[Quick News] A “new TV anime series” based on Granblue Fantasy has been confirmed!

Please look forward for further information on the type of adventure we’ll go on next.

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Granblue Fantasy the Animation aired in the Spring 2017 broadcast season.

The series is based on Cygames’ smartphone game of the same name. Yuuki Itoh (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid) directed the project at A-1 Pictures, with Toshifumi Akai (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, Oreimo 2) providing character designs. Ayako Kurata was tapped as series director.

The show’s soundtrack was scored by the team of Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Tsutomu Narita, and Yasunori Nishiki.

Aniplex of America currently holds the rights to Granblue Fantasy. They describe the show as:

The isolated island of Zinkenstill. A girl with blue hair is lying unconscious on the ground deep in a forest. Another girl finds her and runs over. This is how Lyria and Djeeta meet.

Time passes and Lyria is on the deck of the Grandcypher, thinking back on their journey thus far while looking at her notebook.

Her voyage from Zinkenstill, in which she changed Djeeta’s fate.

Meeting Rackam in Port Breeze and the showdown with Tiamat.

Confronting Colossus with Io and saving Tzaka the Great in the Valtz Duchy.

Djeeta and Lyria have traveled around to many islands and met a great number of people. Their next destination is Auguste, the island of water. Djeeta and her friends intend to enjoy a much-needed vacation there.

Source: Otakomu