Meeting Date: 10/14/2017

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Mike Ferreira: Good evening, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club. Tonight, I’m joined by L.B. Bryant, Lydia Rivers, and Anthony Simpson.
Anthony Simpson: Evening
Lydia Rivers: Hiii everyone!
L.B. Bryant: Hello
Mike Ferreira: Tonight, we’ll be discussing The Ancient Magus Bride Episode 2: “Leave it to Angie.”
Lydia Rivers: I just want to say that the axolotl puppy is my favorite character. Most people don’t even know what they are (critically endangered salamanders from central Mexico). And here one is, being an adorable puppy.
Mike Ferreira: That was pretty amazing. Kudos, team, for remembering the axolotl

Lydia Rivers: And I distinctly felt better after Angie punched Elias for sexually harassing his pupil-slave-wife.
Mike Ferreira: Amen to that. I’m glad SOMEONE realized that whole situation was fucked up.
Lydia Rivers: Honestly I feel like this series is headed kind of the way of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Problematic setting, but ultimately a good story.
Mike Ferreira: I can dig that. This show could’ve gone super wrong in places, but it’s at least being dragged down a good path so far
Anthony Simpson: I was glad to see that we are starting to get some back story for Chise.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. They’re giving small nuggets – enough to inform and keep you curious, without being outright vague
L.B. Bryant: I like the way they are dishing out the back story as well.
Lydia Rivers: And they didn’t lock us up as an audience with only Elias. They let us meet a few more characters, which speaks to the confidence of the writing.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. A few very strong characters – from Angie, who’s just awesome, to that shifty priest/pastor hybrid

Lydia Rivers: And foreshadowed conflict there, along with the conflict of the fairies.
Mike Ferreira: And the dragons.
Lydia Rivers: And then came the DARGONS lol
Anthony Simpson: I want to bring that priest up for a moment.
Mike Ferreira: Shoot.
Anthony Simpson: I find it interesting that the Priest and Elias are at least on the surface friendly with each other.  I get the feeling church probably tolerates the magic users but probably if they had their way do away with magic users altogether.
Lydia Rivers: That’s what it sounded like the priest was saying. He also alluded to that if they make themselves useful, it will lubricate dealings with the church and villagers.
Anthony Simpson: Maybe I’m just looking for something that isn’t there.
Mike Ferreira: Not at all.

L.B. Bryant: The priest did say that they get things out of the deal such as medicine.
Mike Ferreira: Yeah. I’m seeing a symbiotic existence, myself. The church uses the medicine for their own “miraculous” healing, the magi get work, and the ability to practice their craft. It’s a give and take thing.
Mike Ferreira: There’s definitely some political back and forth that we’re being kept out of, as viewers.
Lydia Rivers: I’m looking forward to seeing that all come crashing to a head haha
Anthony Simpson: I mean don’t forget the witch hunts that happened in real life in the past and Christianity saying that witchcraft as a type of Satanic influence.
Lydia Rivers: It’s hopefully going to be one of those clichés that will be rewarding to view.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. That would explain why there’s so few magi left, at the very least… and it could lead to a rewarding climax for cour 1 or 2
Anthony Simpson: possibly.
Anthony Simpson: I view the magic users and their relationship with the church as similar to that of the Mafia and the police.
L.B. Bryant: How so?
Mike Ferreira: *laughs* There’s no relationship between the mafia and the police! =D *collects $50 from you-know-who*

Anthony Simpson: See Mike’s line.
L.B. Bryant: Got it.
Anthony Simpson: The police obviously don’t want the mafia around but to some extent they tolerate that they exist.
L.B. Bryant: So what did everyone think of Elias’ magical “normal” face while traveling around town?
Anthony Simpson: Or better example watch an episode of The Sopranos where Tony Soprano has to talk to a FBI agent.
Anthony Simpson: I have to agree with Chise that it looked fake.
Lydia Rivers: I LOL’d when she said that.
Lydia Rivers: It also showed that she’s not feeling forced to be sycophantic with him, which I appreciated
Mike Ferreira: That moment was great. We got to see his crushing disappointment for once, and it further cemented Chise as her own person.
Lydia Rivers: Yeah!
Lydia Rivers: He did look a little plastic lol

Mike Ferreira: It was like… painfully obviously fake, which made it hilarious
Mike Ferreira: It also let us see his reaction when Angie gave Elias a gut punch for being a creepy asshole
Lydia Rivers: It was a balm to my soul
Anthony Simpson: That was great.
Anthony Simpson: I wanna talk about Chise with the crystal.  Damn that looked pretty.
L.B. Bryant: That was a beautiful scene aesthetically.
Anthony Simpson: What she made looked great.
Mike Ferreira: It really did. They really nailed the aesthetic there
Lydia Rivers: It was! And her eyes….! It was SO GOOD.
Lydia Rivers: The double refraction they captured from the crystals and her eyes was amazing
Anthony Simpson: It also showed what kind of potential she has magic wise and why Ainse wants to keep it on the down low.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed.That whole sequence was gorgeous, like, pure sakuga.

Lydia Rivers: Yeah. This episode was backed with foreshadow all around.
Mike Ferreira: Compare that with Classroom of the Elite’s second episode, where they were told “yeah, you get nothing” and fucked off to the pool
L.B. Bryant: That show is over Mike. You can let it go now. The bad men can’t hurt you any longer. :)
Mike Ferreira: I’m just bringing it up for comparison :V
Lydia Rivers: lol LB
Lydia Rivers: “Shhhhh.”
Lydia Rivers: “It’s ok.”
Anthony Simpson: Trust me I don’t think any of us want to bring up CoTE any more than we have to.
Mike Ferreira: Yep.
Mike Ferreira:

Lydia Rivers: Right! So we are getting set up for success, which is an excellent improvement over last season’s selection for the Herald’s weekly club.
L.B. Bryant: Indeed. I truly believe that this series is going to be a winner.
Mike Ferreira: Amen to that.
Anthony Simpson: I hope so.
Mike Ferreira: I’m really liking what I see now, after Elias got his gut punch.
Lydia Rivers: I was pretty nervous about the problematic premise, but there are plenty of signs that it’ll turn out okay, like Beauty and the Beast did.
Mike Ferreira: Indeed. It’s a series that’s greatly exceeded my expectations at this point. I’m hoping that they can keep it up.

Anthony Simpson: I hope it does too.  The reader of the manga tell me how good the manga is so I’m hoping the show gets a good adaption
L.B. Bryant: I’m tempted to pick up the manga and check it out honestly.
L.B. Bryant: I’ve heard great things about it over the years.
Mike Ferreira: Same.
Mike Ferreira: On a more random note, it has to be said: Silky is the best landlord.
Anthony Simpson: Yes she is.
L.B. Bryant: I wish I had someone like her around my house.
Mike Ferreira: Keeps the jerks out, keeps her tenants in line, brings sandwiches and hugs to Chise. Awesome landlord.
Anthony Simpson: She would be amazing to have as a landlord.

Best. Landlord. Ever.

Mike Ferreira: Hm… any further thoughts on this week’s episode?
L.B. Bryant: Bring on the dragons! :)
Anthony Simpson: Nope, it was a good episode.
Mike Ferreira: I guess that brings us the the end of the evening, then. Thanks for joining everyone, and have a great night!
Anthony Simpson: Have a good night.
L.B. Bryant: Nighters!