The past 24 hours have been incredibly exciting for Full Metal Panic! fans!

Yesterday, a website opened to promote a new video game based on Full Metal Panic!. The game, titled Full Metal Panic! Fight: Who Dares Wins, will be a strategy RPG by Super Robot Wars developer B.B. Studio.

Bandai Namco will publish the title the PlayStation 4. As of press time, additional details have yet to be announced.

A visual and a teaser trailer were released to promote the project, which you can check out below.

Promo Video

The 90-second trailer is presented entirely in English, with Japanese subtitles. Snippets of gameplay can be seen starting at the 55-second mark.

Key Visual

The visual features the major Full Metal Panic! characters positioned around an Arm Slave mecha. Tessa and Chidori standing back-to-back.

This is the third major project for the franchise that’s in the works. A fourth TV series, as well as a trio of films that retell the events of the first Full Metal Panic! are both being produced.

Source: Dengeki Online