The industry’s going great right now… here’s where my unease starts to set in.

Anime industry group The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA, henceforth) announced that the anime industry managed to earn a record 2.9 trillion yen ($25,469,427,903.95 USD) in 2016.

Revenues were measured across nine lines of business, which include home video, TV shows, films, and overseas distribution. The AJA reports that overseas distribution, which includes theatrical films and home video in markets outside of Japan, was the largest contributor to the record revenues. Overseas sales amounted to 767.6 billion yen ($6,741,494,089.34 USD) overall.

The second biggest driver, character goods and march, accounted for 562.7 billion yen ($4,941,990,672.84 USD) in overall sales.

This is the first time that the AJA has recorded a two-trillion yen return in a calendar year. According to the AJA, growth primarily came from increased diversification in ways to consume Japanese animation, in both domestic and overseas markets. Events like live concerts, voice actor presentations, and blockbuster films like Your Name. were all cited as drivers.

AJA vice-committee chairman Hiromichi Masuda was bullish on the overseas market, noting that increased inroads to these regions could feasibly lead to further growth going forward.

The AJA is an industry group that represents roughly one hundred production companies.

Source: NHK News World