Sure, they’re only novels, but is anyone ever prepared for the horror that is Uboa?

Last night, J-Novel Club announced that they licensed two new light novel titles. The publisher picked up the global English digital rights to the following:

As of press time, the first portion of each book is available to J-Novel Club subscribers. A 40-page preview is available for all readers. These are the first titles from publsher PHP Institute, Inc. who is the fifth publishing partner to join up with J-Novel Club.

Yume Nikki – I Am Not in Your Dream

Yume Nikki – I Am Not in Your Dream is based on Kikiyama’s surrealist adventure Yume Nikki (Dream Diary). J-Novel Club describes the title as:

What’s in your dream diary?

Based on the cult hit freeware game by Kikiyama, the dream-like novelization of Yume Nikki follows a lonely and mysterious girl from the confines of her tiny, sparse bedroom into the infinite world that awaits her when she falls asleep. She roams through shifting scenery and opens doors leading to bizarre, nonsensical dreamscapes, all places that may hold more than a metaphorical significance to her. But here, in the deepest reaches of her unconscious mind, is she truly alone?

Ao Oni

Ao Oni adapts developer noprops’ horror adventure game of the same name. J-Novel Club describes the book as:

Shun is the new kid in school, but he’s already managed to attract the attention of the school bully, who’s now making his life a living hell. It doesn’t seem like things could get any worse, until the night he finds himself and a group of his classmates inside a creepy, abandoned mansion known as the Jailhouse. They quickly start to hear strange sounds and see weird things, but everything escalates when they realize they can’t get out. Once they’re trapped inside, a blue, unnaturally large figure chases after them. Is it a new species? Or is it the ghost of their old classmate who died in an accident? Nobody knows, but one thing is for certain… if it catches them, they’re dead! The scariest game of tag in history begins!

Source: J-Novel Club (Press Release)