Pretty boys and English dubs. It’s a good combination.

Over the past two days, Media Blasters took to Twitter to announce several major cast members for their Ai no Kusabi dub. The series will star the following:

  • Iason Mink: Todd Haberkorn
  • Riki: Darren Mitchell
  • Guy: Ricco Fajardo
  • Orphe Xavi: John Swasey
  • Luke: Tyson Rinehart
  • Mimea: Elizabeth Maxwell
  • Norris: Matt Shipman

Brittany Lauda is directing the dub. Matt Shipman and Lauda will share duties as ADR Engineers on the project. Media Blasters also started streaming a teaser clip, which you can check out below:

Ai no Kusabi hits North American retailers on HD Blu-Ray on December 19.

Ai no Kusabi is a four-episode OVA, which hit retailers in 2012. The series is based on Rieko Yoshihara and illustrator Katsumi Michihara’s manga of the same name.

Katsuhito Akiyama (Gall Force – Eternal Story, Thundercats) directed Ai no Kusabi at AIC, with Naoyuki Onda (Ergo Proxy, Inuyashiki) providing character designs. Series author Rieko Yoshihara was in charge of series composition and wrote the screenplay.

Media Blasters released the series on DVD in 2013. They describe Ai no Kusabi as:

In a future where social class is determined by the color of one’s hair, Iason sits at the top of the pecking order as a “blondie,” favored by everyone. He is given latitude in his daily life, but draws unwanted attention when he chooses to take a “mongrel” named Riki as his pet. Society has no taboos against staking claim to other humans, but the length and nature of this relationship brings unexpected consequences.

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