Now, even sub fans can make it to Iscandar in this adventure.

Earlier today, Crunchyroll announced that they will stream the subtitled version of Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199. The series launched earlier today for users in the United States and Canada. New episodes will be added on Wednesdays at 1:00PM Pacific (10:00AM Eastern).

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a remake of the original Space Battleship Yamato anime series. The series, began life as a series of theatrical films in 2012, was directed by Akihiro Enomoto and Yutaka Izubuchi (RahXephon) at studios AIC and Xebec. Nobuteru Yuki (Vision of Escaflowne, Orange) provided character designs, while Yutaka Izubuchi (The Skull Man) took charge of series composition.

The title received a TV adaptation, which divided each film into four episodes (aside from the first movie, which featured the first two episodes). The show aired in the Spring 2013 broadcast season. The show aired on TBS & MBS’s now-defunct “Nichigo” block.

Crunchyroll describes the show as:

The power-hungry Gamilas have taken over Earth, and only a distant planet has the key to save humans from extinction. Granted the schematics of a high-powered engine, the Space Battleship Yamato is built to traverse the galaxy and retrieve hope for their survival. Battling extraterrestrial forces along the way, the crew of the Yamato will stop at nothing to save their home.

Source: Crunchyroll