While it was first reported back in August 2016 that a live action adaptation of manga series Bleach was in the works in Japan, we haven’t seen or heard much about it besides an occasional trailer or key visual over the last year and a half. Finally though we have a solid update on the movie coming from the creator himself, Tite Kubo.

According to the man, myth, and legend; Kubo is excited to see the live action adaptation currently being worked on by Warner Bros’ Japan. To quote him directly, Kubo said that “For the Japanese live-action version, I feel that we have come close to the original work,” before adding “I am really looking forward to it.”

Speaking of live action, wasn’t there once rumors of an American studio attempting to create a live action Bleach movie? Why yes there was but you’d be totally forgiven for forgetting about that tidbit of info since it ultimately went nowhere due to the script being a disaster waiting to happen.

Going back to his interview with Sandwich Man’s Weekly Radio, Kubo stated that he played a role in the American adaptation being shutdown. According to Kubo, Hollywood was willing to give the movie a huge budget but the cost of that budget was that the story turned into a mess that in no way resembled the original and that he feared the movie was going to turn into another Dragonball Evolution.

Regarding the story and script that was presented to him, Kubo simply stated “It is a good story, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Bleach.”