In today’s world, anime conventions and cosplayers seem to be inseparably linked. Like pancakes and syrup, the two are an ideal match for one another. Each year, thousands of cosplayers hone their craft, preparing for that one special weekend where they can strut their stuff at conventions big and small alike.

Anime NYC proved to be no exception to the rule, as countless costume-clad fans walked the halls of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from the earliest hours of the morning, until the time finally came to close the doors for the evening. Every fandom one can think of, from Sailor Moon to Re:Zero and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid found representation through talented cosplayers.

This year’s break-outs, though, weighed heavily in the favor of Nier: Automata – Yoko Taro’s latest gaming masterpiece – and Re:Zero. Numerous 2Bs walked the halls with Rems and Rams never too far away. That said, we also noticed our fair share of cheekier cosplayers this year, who came out dressed as “The Trash Waifu” or “Totally Not an FBI Agent.”

Below, we’ve collected our best cosplay shots from Anime NYC. I’d like to thank every single person featured in this segment. You’re all amazing, and Anime NYC wouldn’t be the same without you!