The moon is still shining brightly up above in the world of Garo.

Earlier today, the official Garo website announced that Garo: Crimson Moon will receive an anime film project. As of press time, no further details have been announced.

Along with the movie, a live-action TV spinoff titled Kaminokiba Jinga is in the works. The title will revolve around Ryūga Dōgai, with a new character named Jinga serving as the main protagonist. Masahiro Inoue was tapped to play the titular Jinga.

Natalie streamed a 90-second trailer for the project, which you can check out below.

Garo: Crimson Moon is the 2015 sequel to Garo the Animation. The project was directed by Atsushi Wakabayashi (Guin Saga) at studio Mappa with Masakazu Katsura providing character designs. Shou Aikawa (Chaos Dragon, Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song) took charge of series composition for the show.

Funimation currently holds the domestic rights to Garo the Animation and Garo Crimson Moon. They describe the series as:

In the capital city of an elegant, feudal society, a powerful spiritual barrier protects people from demonic monsters known as “horrors”—at least, those lucky enough to live in the northern part of the city. For the commoners who live to the south, it’s a completely different story. As soon as night falls, the horrors begin their dark hunt, feasting on the souls of any humans who cross their path. Against unbeatable odds, the fate of the city will fall to a small group of warriors dedicated to protecting the citizens and fighting through the night.

Source: Eiga Natalie