Kiyofumi Nakajima

The torch has officially been passed, from one generation to the next.

Earlier today, news broke that Kiyofumi Nakajima (right) was appointed as the new president of Studio Ghibli. Former president Koji Hoshino will serve as the studio’s chairman.

Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki will continue to work as a producer, and all three will serve as representative directors within the organiation.

Kiyofumi Nakajima previously served as director of the Studio Ghibli museum. Kazuki Anzai, who previously directed the museum’s planning and exhibitions, will serve as the new director.

The shake-up aims to inspire a new generation of production from the studio.

Nakajima was born in 1963. After graduating from university, he went to work in finance, taking a job at a bank. He was assigned to the Ghibli museum when the studio was still owned by Tokuma Shoten. In 2004, Nakajima was promoted to the head of the Tokuma Memorial Cultural Foundation for Animation, which currently manages the studio Ghibli Museum. He was officially named director in 2005.

Kazuki Anzai joined began her career as an industry designer, before joining Studio Ghibli in 1998. She was involved with the museum’s opening to the public, along with Moricoro Park’s “Satsuki and Mei’s House” exhibit.

Koji Hoshino became president of Studio Ghibli in 2008, following his tenure as president and chairman of Ultra Disney Japan. His efforts within the company going forward will focus on merchandise licensing and development of foreign development.

Toshio Suzuki will continue to head up the studio’s production department, which re-opened after Hayao Miyazaki returned from retirement to work on Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka? (How Do You Live?).

Sources: Eiga Natalie, Animation Business