Image Credit: TV Tokyo

It seems that “Beat” Takeshi Kitano’s next extreme challenge may be an anime project.

On Saturday, Takeshi appeared on a TV special, titled Takeshi no Daremo Shiranai Densetsu ~Nippon no Tensai-tachi 2017~ (Takeshi’s Unknown Legends ~The Geniuses of Japan 2017~ – English subtitle “The Legendary Story That Nobody Knows”). During the show, Takeshi sat with shogi player and current Ryūō Yoshiharu Habu.

Image Credit: TV Tokyo

Habu asked Kitano about the theme of his next film. Kitano responded, noting that he’s never produced a love story, though he recently finished a romance novel titled Analog. Kitano added that “I wrote [the book] for use as a film, but I tried making it as a novel.”

He continued, stating that “In regards to the original work, the reader imagines characters independently. Because there’s the possibility that people will say that the actor isn’t the same as from this book, I might make [the film] into an anime.”

Image Credit: TV Tokyo

Takeshi Kitano is a comedian, television personality, director, actor, author, and screenwriter, who’s been active in the industry since 1972.

As a director, Kitano’s helmed over a dozen films, including Sonatine, Boiling Point, and the 2003 adaptation of Zatoichi.

As an actor, Takeshi has appeared in more than four dozen films. His list of credits include Kitano-sensei in Kitano-sensei, Zatôichi in Zatoichi (2003), and Uehara in Boiling Point. He’s held roles in several American productions, including Takahashi in Johnny Mnemonic and Chief Aramaki in the 2017 Ghost in the Shell movie.

Takeshi also served as host of the All Night Nippon radio show, which ran from 1981 – 1990. Moreover, Takeshi found fame as a TV personality on Takeshi’s Castle, which was adapted to Most Extreme Elimination Challenge in North America.

Source: Otakomu