It sounds like anime fans are having a ghostly good time this year!

Earlier today, Toei Animation announced that they are producing a new Gegege no Kitaro anime project. An official website was opened for the project, which includes an overview of the franchise’s history.

The title is being produced as part of a celebration of Gegege no Kitaro‘s 50th anniversary. As of press time, no specific details have been announced regarding casting, staffing, or the project’s format.

Gegege no Kitaro was created by the late Shigeru Mizuki. The series began in Kodansha’s Shōnen Magazine as Hakaba Kitarō in 1960. Originally, the work was deemed too frightening for children. It was renamed to Hakaba no Kitarō, which ran through 1967. The series received its final title in 1967, and ran through 1970. By the time it exited publication, Gegege no Kitaro spanned 9 volumes.

After its manga run, the series found life as an anime property. Six TV series and nine movies were produced since the show’s anime début in 1968. The most recent title, Kitarō of the Graveyard, aired on Japanese TV in the Winter 2008 broadcast season.

Toei Animation produced all of Gegege no Kitaro‘s anime adaptations.

Source: Otakomu