It looks like Toei’s giving fans a big hug today.

Earlier today, the official Hugtto! Precure anime website updated with the show’s main cast and crew, as well as details on the show’s theme songs.

Previously, the site had listed the cast and crew, though it was quickly taken down.

Kanako Miyamoto will perform opening theme song We can!! Hugtto! Precure. Meanwhile, Rie Hikisaka, Rina Hon’izumi, and Yui Ogura (credited as their Precure characters) will handle closing theme song Hugtto! Mirai Dreamer (Hug it! Future Dreamer).

The theme songs will ship to retailers as a single on March 7

Junichi Sato (Aria the Animation, Sailor Moon) and Akifumi Zako (Go! Princess Pretty Cure the Movie Go! Go!! Gorgeous Triple Feature!!!, Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Chō Collaboration Special!!) were tapped to direct the series at Toei Animation, with Toshie Kawamura (Glitter Force, Karneval) providing character designs. Fumi Tsubota (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, 12-Sai: Chiccha na Mune no Tokimeki) is in charge of series composition.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Music: Yuuki Hayashi
  • Background Artist: Nagisa Nishida
  • Producer: Keisuke Naitō
  • Producer: Takashi Tanaka

The series will star the following:

  • Hana Nono/Cure Yell: Rie Hikisaka
  • Saaya Yakushiji/Cure Ange: Rina Hon’izumi
  • Homare Kagayaki/Cure Étoile: Yui Ogura
  • Hariham Harii: Junko Noda
  • Hug-tan: Konomi Tada

Hugtto! Precure will hit Japanese TV on February 4, at 8:30AM. The series will replace Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode, which is currently airing.

Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode is the fourteenth Precure anime series to date. Kōhei Kureta (Saint Seiya Omega) and Yukio Kaizawa (Digimon Frontier, One Piece: Take Aim! The Pirate Baseball King ) are directing the show at Toei, with Marie Ino providing character designs. Jin Tanaka (Anne-Happy, Go! Princess Precure) is in charge of series composition.

Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode premiered on February 5. Episode 37, Salut! Ciel is Going Back to France!? will hit Japanese TV on October 22.

A film, titled Eiga Kirakira ☆ Precure a la Mode: Paris to! Omoide no Mille-Feuille! will hit Japanese theaters a week later, on October 28.

Source: Comic Natalie