It looks like this fantastic fox’s song will be heard on TV screens across Japan.

Last night, the official AnimeJapan website updated with new details on their 2018 event. The site listed a list of the event’s exhibitors, as well as their works.

In the update, a listing for a new anime project from game publisher Success (Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja, Metal Saga). Specifically, the list states that Guang Xian Jun’s Hu Li Zhi Sheng manhua will receive an anime TV series. The title is listed under Japanese title Kori no Koe (Voice of Fox).

Kori no Koe first appeared in the pages of Baidu’s Yī zhōu mànhuà (One Week Comics) in June 2015. The 24-chapter series ran through September 2016.

The series revolves around a talented, yet poor high school student named Hu Li (a homophone for Chinese word Húlí [Fox]). He often wears a fox mask to hide a large facial scar, which he received in a traffic accident.

And, in many senses, he’s a ghost in the professional world. Hu Li is a talented musician. And, in the waking world, he ghostwrites and sings for super-popular male idol Kong Que (a homophone for Chinese word Kǒngquè [Peacock]) who, while gorgeous, can’t exactly carry a tune. In private, Hu Li publishes his own music online under the alias “Mr. Fox.”

Source: Yaraon!