Get a look at the Matsuno brothers before they became adorkable losers!

Yesterday, Discotek Media started streaming the Osomatsu-kun anime on their YouTube channel. The first episode is available in subtitled format.

As of press time, Discotek hasn’t disclosed whether they plan to release the title on home video. It should be noted that this is the second series – the original Osomatsu-kun anime was presented in black-and-white in the 1960s.

Osomatsu-kun DVD Boxart

The second Osomatsu-kun anime originally began airing in February 1988, and ran for 88 episodes.

Akira Shigino (Time Bokan: Royal Revival, Crayon Shin-chan: Chō Jikū! Arashi o Yobu Ora no Hanayome) directed the project at Studio Pierrot, with Yoshiyuki Kishi (Magical Star Magical Emi, Cooking Master Boy) providing character designs. Hiroyuki Hoshiyama (Future GPX Cyber Formula, Dirty Pair OAV) was in charge of series composition for the project.

The show is based on the late Fujio Akatsuka’s manga of the same name, which focused on the members of the Matsuno household. Much like modern series Mr. Osomatsu, the show focuses on the antics of the sextuplet Matsuno brothers, the eldest of which is named Osomatsu. During this series, though, the Matsuno brothers are just ten years old.

The first episode is titled “Failing salesman Iyami tries robbing Osomatsu’s home, but is foiled by the rambunctious sextuplets.”

Source: Twitter (WTK)