It looks like the world of Nil Admirari is ready to reveal itself.

Earlier today, the official Libra of Nil Admirari (Nil Admirari no Tenbin) anime website updated with a new teaser trailer. The promo reveals several new cast members, as well a details on the show’s major broadcast networks.

We break the details down below.


The 90-second promo features a look at the show in action, as character dialogue drives the core story beats. Five new cast members (detailed below) are introduced, along with the show’s broadcast networks.


Four new cast members were introduced in the promo:

  • Tsugumi Kuze: Juri Kimura
  • Hitaki Kuze: Ayumu Murase
  • Shiori Tokimiya: Rio Natsuki
  • Keizaburō Ōchi: Norio Kobayashi

Tsugumi Kuze is the name that was given to the protagonist of the original visual novel. The character was originally unvoiced and unnamed. All other characters are reprising their roles from the game.

Visuals for each of the characters were also unveiled, which you can check out below.


Libra of Nil Admirari will air on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and Sun TV, when it hits Japanese TV this Spring.

The series will adapt Otomate’s visual novel of the same name. Masahiro Takata (Super Seisyun Brothers, Ganbare! Odenkun) will helm the project at Zero-G, with Yukie Sakō (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal) providing character designs. Tomoko Konparu (Kimi ni Todoke – From Me to You, Utano☆Princesama Legend Star) is in charge of series composition for the show.

Tomoko Hasegawa (NANA, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Golden Wings) will score the title’s soundtrack at Pony Canyon.

The previously confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Hayato Ozaki: Yuuki Kaji
  • Akira Kōgami: Nobuhiko Okamoto
  • Hisui Hoshikawa: Ryota Ohsaka
  • Shōgo Ukai: Ryohei Kimura
  • Shizuru Migiwa: Kenichi Suzumura
  • Rui Sagisawa: Takahiro Sakurai

A special preview event for the Libra of Nil Admirari anime is planned for March 3. The first two episodes will be shown at Tokyo’s “United Cinema Aqua City” cinema at an event, which will be attended by Juri Kimura, Yuuki Kaji, and Ryota Ohsaka.

The original Libra of Nil Admirari visual novel was released on the PlayStation Vita in 2016. A sequel, titled Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Kuroyuri Enyōtan was released a year later, on September 21, 2017. The title debuted at the #16 spot in Japan’s Media Create sales charts, selling 5,450 units in its opening week.

Sources: Ota-suke, MoCa News