The hype for this one’s starting to boil, and we’re just getting started!

Earlier today, the official B: The Beginning anime website updated with a new teaser trailer, while the official Twitter account added a key visual. We break the details down below:


The new teaser introduces the core concept, with character dialogue driving the major story beats. At the 47-second mark, theme song The Perfect World by a collaborative group of MAN WITH A MISSION’s Jean-Ken Johnny (vocals), Marty Friedman (songwriting, arrangement, guitar), KenKen (bass), and Kōji Fujimoto (arrange & programming) begins playing in the background.

Key Visual

The image features the major characters arranged against a staticky blue background, which features the mysterious “Killer B” and his symbol superimposed on it.

B: The Beginning will make its global premiere on March 2, 2018. The series will stream across the globe on Netflix’s digital platform.

Kazuto Nakazawa (Parasite Dolls, Moondrive) and Yoshinobu Yamakawa (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Little Busters!) will direct B: The Beginning at Production I.G., with Nakazawa pulling double duty as character designer. Katsunari Ishida is writing the show’s screenplay.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Producer Rui Kuroki
  • Key Animation Supervisor: Kazuto Nakazawa
  • Color Designer: Narumi Sakai
  • Art Supervisor: Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music: Yoshihiro Ike
  • Editor: Junichi Uematsu
  • Song: The Perfect World
  • Song-Arrange-Guitar: Marty Friedman
  • Bass: KenKen (aka LIFE IS GROOVE/RIZE/Dragon Ash)
  • Arrange-Programming: Koji Fujimoto

Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G. are listed as original creators for the project.

Both the English and Japanese voice casts were revealed earlier this year. The Japanese cast includes:

  • Keith Kazama Flick: Hiroaki Hirata
  • Koku: Yuuki Kaji
  • Lily Hoshina: Asami Seto
  • Eric Toga: Hiroki Touchi
  • Boris Meier: Minoru Inaba
  • Kaela Yoshinaga: Ami Koshimizu
  • Brian Brandon: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
  • Mario: Shintarō Tanaka
  • John Henry Richard: Atsushi Goto
  • Gilbert Ross: Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Minazuki: Kaito Ishikawa

Meanwhile, the English dub will star the following:

  • Keith / Dr. Flick: Ray Chase
  • Koku: Kyle McCarley
  • Gilbert / Puzo: John Demita
  • Boris: Doug Stone
  • Lily: Faye Mata
  • Minatsuki: Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Laica / Henry: Xander Mobus
  • Kaela: Allegra Clark
  • Yuna: Brianna Knickerbocker
  • Mario: Patrick Seitz
  • Eric: Jalen K. Cassell
  • Young Koku: Erica Mendez
  • Young Yuna / Erika / Kukuri / Takeru: Cristina Vee
  • Jean: John Snyder
  • Abbot: Ezra Weisz
  • Brandon: Khoi Dao
  • Quinn / Jonathan: Todd Haberkorn
  • Julian: Steve Prince
  • Kamui: Ben Diskin
  • Izanami / Lily’s Mom: Marianne Miller
  • Red: Sean Chiplock
  • Blue / Richard: Edward Bosco
  • Yellow: Keith Silverstein
  • Lily’s Father: Jake Eberle
  • Lily’s Brother: Joe Zieja

Netflix describes B: The Beginning as:

In a world powered by advanced technology, crime and action unfold in the archipelagic nation of Cremona. Koku, the protagonist. Keith, the legendary investigator of the royal police force RIS. A mysterious criminal organization. A wide variety of characters race through the fortified city as it is beset by the serial killer, Killer B, and a chain of crimes in this suspense drama by director Kazuto Nakazawa and Production I.G. The series is comprised of 12 episodes and is a Production I.G. series that is set to debut globally on Netflix in Spring 2018. B: The Beginning stars Hiroaki Hirata, Yuki Kaji, Asami Seto, Hiroki Touchi, Minoru Inaba, Ami Koshimizu, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Shintaro Tanaka, Atsushi Goto, Toshiyuki Morikawa and Kaito Ishikawa.

Sources: MoCa News