If you wage war with the god, you best not miss.

Earlier today, Discotek Media announced that their license for Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier includes three-episode finale OVA Conclusion God’s War ~Prologue~. Justin Sevakis, whose MediaOCD company is handling the authoring, confirmed that the episodes were dubbed in English.

Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier aired in the United States, and was dubbed into English. Unfortunately, neither the show’s final episode, nor the Conclusion God’s War ~Prologue~ OVAs were ever broadcast despite being dubbed. Discotek’s release will be the first time that the OVA is legally available in North America.

The title is a 2001 remake of the original 1979 Cyborg 009 anime series, which is based on Shotaro Ishinomori’s manga of the same name. The project was directed by Jun Kawagoe (Cyborg 009 Vs. Devilman, Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo) at Brain’s Base, with Naoyuki Konno (AD Police, Dance in the Vampire Bund) providing character designs.

Source: Twitter (discotekmedia)