Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to an all-new AniWeekly! This week has been incredibly exciting, with a bunch of new anime titles announced, along with some big industry news and a few truly shocking turns of events.

There’s a lot to talk about this time around, so let’s dive right in.

In the News

A story that needed to be told. Earlier this week, we took on the legal saga between an Anime Matsuri showrunner and fashion vlogger Tyler (ScarfingScarves) in an in-depth article, which traces back several years. A few days after the piece went live, Anime Matsuri announced that they will drop all legal action against Tyler.

Can you say “Megaton”? Netflix announced that they’re entering a comprehensive business alliance with Bones and Production I.G. Through the agreement, Netflix will co-produce anime content from the studios, which they will distribute via Netflix’s digital platform in 190 countries.

Goodnight, sweet anime producing prince. Studio Wanpack announced that founder and studio head Kōji Yamada passed away on January 2. Due to his passing, the Toyonaka, Osaka based studio will officially close its doors on February 28.

Milkshake duck, anime style. Recovery of an MMO Junkie charmed audiences last year with its adorable tale of awkward love and RPGs. This year, though, we learned that Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, who directed the series, openly supports anti-semitic and Neo-Nazi statements on Twitter.

It’s baaaack! Crunchyroll announced that their second Crunchyroll Expo will be held in September at San Jose’s “San Jose McEnery Convention Center”.

From Japari Park to Nakano Metro. Indie animation group Irodori took to Twitter and YouTube to unveil a promotional trailer for a new anime project, titled Hentatsu. The two-minute teaser revolves around a girl with oni horns and a catgirl, who find themselves in Nakano.

Next, on Twitch Plays Anime… Crunchyroll announced that this year’s Anime Awards ceremony will stream exclusively on Twitch on February 24.

A truly Radiant experience. The first crew members for the upcoming Radiant anime were officially unveiled. Assassination Classroom director Seiji Kishi will helm the project, which airs in October.

The Spyce must flow… Yuruyuri creator Namori and Yuki Yuna creator Takahiro are teaming up for a new anime project, called Release the Spyce.

No person is an Island. Rie Murakawa has officially left the Island anime project after a messy negotiation process. Her character, Sara Garandō, will be recast to Hibiku Yamamura.

So, this sounds familiar, but it’s different. I promise! Tokyo-based Creative Frontier announced that they will kick off an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for a new cryptocurrency in February. The currency, called “Anicoin,” is billed as “the world’s first cryptocurrency for anime contents.”

March comes in like a lion… and in March. Yes, that’s a joke, I promise you. March comes in like a lion‘s broadcast has been delayed by three weeks due to the Olympics. The series will return on March 3, with episode 39.

Where we’re going, we don’t need pages! One-Punch Man artist Yuusuke Murata announced that he is working on a new manga series, titled BTTF. The project is based on 1985 hit film Back to the Future.

The Rukia Rises (TM) Warner Brothers Japan announced that their live-action Bleach movie will hit Japanese theaters on July 20. In addition, the company announced that Hana Sugisaki will play Rukia in the film.

Badminton is serious business, yo. Kosuke Hamada’s Hanebado! is getting an anime adaptation. The Summer 2018 series will be directed by Shinpei Ezaki at Liden Films.

You’re right… I don’t know Gunma. At an Aya Uchida concert, the MC announced that that Hiroto Ida’s You don’t know Gunma yet. manga will receive an anime TV series. Uchida will perform closing theme song So Happy.

Reset, reset, and reset all over again…. oh, wait. Wrong franchise! Happy Elements announced that Last Period: Owari naki Rasen no Monogatari will get an anime TV series. The project will star Natsuki Hanae and Yukari Tamura when it airs this April.

When in doubt, Rock it Out! Netflix Japan started streaming a new teaser trailer for their upcoming Aggretsuko anime. The 90-second promo confirms that the show will launch worldwide on April 20.

I will dive for you! Sunrise announced that a new Gundam Build Fighters title, Gundam Build Divers, will air this spring. The series is being directed by Build Fighters director Shinya Watada .

A paradox most intriguing. Sunrise announced that they’re producing a new project, called Starwing Paradox. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Evangelion) was tapped to provide character designs. The first major move was unveiled last week with an arcade game.

Mechanical arms, major talent. The Mecha-Ude Kickstarter announced that Romi Park will play Jun Kagami in the title. Park is best known for her work as Hange in Attack on Titan and Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist.

From the AniBlogging Community

Worthy of a name… Atelier Emily returns to the floral language of Violet Evergarden, looking at the words behind the blooms found in Episode 4.

It’s about ethics in anime journalism (no, really!). Frog-kun takes a close look at their work as a journalist, diving into the ethical challenges they face, as well as the vast differences between Japanese and western standards of reporting.

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Lauren at Otaku Journalist shares a personal tale of her life as a journalist, and what drove her to enter the field to begin with.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

You know, sometimes, this week was big on talking up fan journalism. I’d like to highlight an astounding piece of work by YouTuber Gaming Historian. The channel released an hour-long documentary on the history of popular puzzle game Tetris. It’s informative and beautifully researched, putting even some mainstream works to shame. Seriously, this is the Tetris documentary to watch.

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