Well, here’s hoping that things don’t get too mad in Australia.

Earlier today, Anime News Network reported that Aniplex Inc. acquired a minority stake in Madman Entertainment. According to ANN, Madman agreed to issue additional shares on November 15, and provided a minority to interest to Aniplex.

Financial details were not disclosed, but Madman’s other shareholders retained their stakes in the company. Because of this, Madman will not change their management. Moreover, CEO Tim Anderson explained that Aniplex is “highly supportive of Madman’s current strategic direction and activities working with a broad range of anime properties and license partners.” The conglomerate supports Madman’s initiatives, which include their AnimeLab VOD business, theatrical runs, and the Madman Anime Festival.

According to Anime News Network, Madman doesn’t intend to change its strategy to mirror Aniplex of America’s model. Anderson stated that “We currently don’t anticipate Madman’s pricing strategy will change as a result of this […] product strategy, dates, package inclusions, extras, etc. are continually evolving here at Madman, as we strive to deliver the best value and results to both our audience and our content partners.”

Source: Anime News Network