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Kazuhiko Inoue & Reina Ueda Join Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi Cast

This otherworldly inn is welcoming two more guests.

Earlier today, the official Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Afterlife Inn Cooking) anime website updated with two new cast members. The series will add the following:

  • Shirō Tsubaki: Kazuhiko Inoue
  • Shizuna: Reina Ueda

Visuals for both characters were also unveiled, which you can check out below:

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi will hit Japanese TV in April. Tokyo MX and BS Fuji will both carry the series, along with other unspecified networks. A screening event will be held at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Wald 9 Theater on March 16, which will feature five of the show’s cast members as guests.

Yoshiko Okuda will make his directorial début at Gonzo, with Youko Satou (Saiyuki Reload Blast, Dog & Scissors) providing character designs. Tomoko Konparu (Utano☆Princesama Revolutions, Dance with Devils) is in charge of series composition for the project.

Nao Toyama will perform opening theme song Tō no Manimani, while Manaka Numakura will handle closing theme song Sai -color-.

Other confirmed crew members include:

  • Ayakashi Design: Takuhito Kusanagi, Tadashi Oppata
  • General Animation Director: Hikaru Suzuki
  • Prop Design: Yōko Kubara, Sotaro Shimizu
  • Color Design: Ritsuko Utagawa
  • Art Setting: Mika Nakajima
  • Special Effects, 2D Design: Mika Narukawa
  • Art Director: Norifumi Nakamura
  • CG Director: Tsutomu Nagai
  • Director of Photography: Naoki Kitamura
  • Editing: Akari Saitō
  • Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go
  • Music: Takurō Iga
  • Music Production: Flying Dog

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Aoi Tsubaki: Nao Tōyama
  • Ōdanna: Katsuyuki Konishi
  • Ginji: Shun’ichi Toki
  • Oryō: Ai Kakuma
  • Akatsuki: Yūma Uchida
  • Byakuya: Atsushi Tamaru
  • Chibi: Manaka Iwami

Midori Yūma and illustrator Laruha’s Kakuriyo no yadomeshi ayakashi o yado ni yomeiri shimasu. light novels launched under Fujimi Shobo’s “Fujimi L Bunko” imprint in 2015. To date, seven volumes have been released, with the most recent reaching stores on November 15, 2017.

Yūma and illustrator Wako Ioka launched a manga adaptation of the series in Enterbrain’s B’s Log Comic magazine in 2016. To date, two compiled volumes of the manga have been released. Manga resource Baka-Updates describes the adaptation as:

Female college student Aoi inherited her deceased grandfather’s ability to see ayakashi. One day, while Aoi is feeding some ayakashi, a demon appears! He declares that Aoi’s grandfather owed a great debt, and as compensation, Aoi must marry the demon! Aoi refuses, and decides to pay off the debt by working at the inn of the afterlife, the Tenjin-ya.

Source: Animate Times

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