Yeah, this is pretty big.

Earlier today, Anime News Network CEO Christophe Macdonald took to Twitter to announce that he resigned from Otaku Coin’s advisory committee. In a follow-up tweet, Macdonald stated that “I still believe the project’s goals are salutary and that it is worth researching whether or not cryptocurrency can be used to achieve those goals. I remain skeptical as to whether or not it can be, but it’s absolutely worth doing the research.”

Christophe MacDonald joined Anime News Network in 2000 as the publication’s editor-in-chief. He has since gone on to become the organization’s CEO.

Macdonald was announced as a member of Otaku coin’s advisory committee on January 13, alongside Alt-Right figure Palmer Luckey. At the time, Macdonald stated the following:

I did not know about Luckey’s involvement in the Otaku Coin project until this week and I did not know about his politics until this morning. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows where I stand politically and socially, and I hate everything that Luckey stands for.

I support the goals of Otaku Coin, and I have the utmost respect for everyone else involved in the project, especially the other advisors (not including Luckey), which is why I signed onboard to advise. I would be extremely happy if I can contribute to finding a way for the project to achieve its goals.

It’s currently 2am Sunday morning in Tokyo; it will take a bit of time before I can speak to anyone there about this. This situation probably won’t be resolved until sometime next week, but ultimately it should be obvious that Luckey and I will not be on the same board of advisors.

Otaku Coin is a cryptocurrency that’s being considered by retailer Tokyo Otaku Mode. Specifically, Otkau Coin will be for use in the market for anime, manga, and video games from Japan. The currency will start by focusing on the anime industry, providing a platform where fans can accumulate Otaku Coins by participating in “fan activities” like watching TV trailers and episodes, or writing show reviews.

Ideally, Otaku Coins will be used to provide direct financial support to anime and manga creators, or to purchase merchandise and event tickets. Ultimately, fans will also provide data on what they want to see via the platform.

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