You haven’t seen terror until the jewelry store monster comes reaching out for your soul.

Earlier today, Universal Studios Japan started streaming a TV spot for their upcoming Sailor Moon 4D Experience. The 15-second promo features the monster from the show’s first episode menacing a crowd, before a CGI Sailor Moon steps in to save the day.

The Sailor Moon 4D Experience will run from March 16 – June 24. The show runs for about 20 minutes. Universal has posted warnings for those who are sensitive to flashing lights, water, soap bubbles, loud noises, darkness, 3D effects, seat movements, or specific odors.

Sailor Moon is based on Naoko Takeuchi’s manga of the same name. The title received two major anime adaptations, which include several OVAs and theatrical films.

The original Sailor Moon anime ran from 1992 through 1997. The show saw Kunihiko Ikuhara (PenguindrumRevolutionary Girl Utena), Junichi Satō (Aria The Animation, Magic User’s Club!), and Takuya Igarashi (Bungo Stray DogsSoul Eater) take the helm through the course of the show’s run. Toei Animation produced the title’s animation.

Sailor Moon Crystal is an ongoing anime project, which launched in Summer 2014. Munehisa Sakai helmed the first two seasons, while Chiaki Kon (Junjo Romantica) took the director’s chair at Toei Animation. Yukie Sakou served as as character designer on the project’s first two season, and was succeeded by Akira Takahashi (Smile PreCure). Yuji Kobayashi is in charge of series composition.

Viz Media currently holds the domestic rights to both Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal in North America.

Source: Twitter (USJ_Official), Universal Studios Japan