This fan favorite is finally coming west, thanks to the club.

Earlier today, J-Novel Club announced that they picked up the global English digital rights to Izuru Yumizuru and illustrator CHOCO’s Infinite Stratos light novels. The first half of the first volume is currently available on the J-Novel Club website for subscribers. A preview is also available for all readers.

The first eBook in the series will hit retailers in late April 2018.

Media Factory originally released Infinite Stratos under their main imprint in May 2009. The series was brought under Overlap’s “Overlap Bunko” umbrella for volume 8, which shipped to stores on April 25, 2013. To date, ten volumes have been released, with the most recent hitting stores on July 25, 2015. Volume 11 will be released on May 25.

J-Novel Club describes the series as:

In a world of technological progress, females are the only ones who can pilot the most advanced military unit in history—the Infinite Stratos (IS). With this power, women have seized complete control of all political, social, and economic ventures; leaving men to the fringes of society, made to tend to the whims of their now, female overlords. That is until Orimura Ichika, the sole male found to have IS piloting ability, is thrust into the spotlight, and enrolled at the prestigious IS Academy. Stuck in the middle of a female-dominated population, Ichika sets out to prove men still have a place in this world. Little did he know, he’s just the thing these women have been looking for.

Infinite Stratos received an anime adaptation, which aired in the Winter 2011 broadcast season. Yasuhito Kikuchi (Macross Frontier, El Hazard: The Alternative World) directed the project at studio 8 bit, with Tomoyasu Kurashima (Magical Kanan, Kakyūsei 2) providing character designs. Fumihiko Shimo (Amagi Brilliant Park, New Game!) was in charge of series composition for the project.

Sentai Filmworks currently holds the rights to the anime in North America.

Source: J-Novel Club (Press Release)