There’s a lot of music love going on in this lab!

Earlier today, Japanese music industry group PROMIC announced that they launched the Japan Anime Music Lab website. The site, which is available in English (and other languages), aims to connect audiences to various anime song artists, plus their representatives.

PROMIC aims to grow and evolve the Japan Anime Music Lab going forward, with an ultimate goal of adding established artists from general J-Pop and J-Rock genres to their catalog.

Fourteen Japanese labels are currently working with PROMIC for the Japan Anime Music Lab:

  • AVEX
  • SACRA MUSIC (a Sony Music label)
  • Lantis
  • King Record
  • Pony Canyon
  • Flying Dog
  • Yoshimoto Music Entertainment
  • For Life Music Entertainment
  • NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan
  • MAGES.
  • Being
  • Nippon Columbia
  • Tokuma Japan Communications
  • Toho Music

Featured artists on the platform include:

  • Maaya Sakamoto
  • Nana Mizuki
  • May’n
  • Ali Project
  • LiSA
  • JAM Project
  • Kalafina
  • ClariS
  • Konomi Suzuki
  • fripSide
  • Nagi Yanagi
  • Kanoko Ito

Source: PROMIC (Press Release)