This plucky streaming service is finally hopping off the HIDIVE and into the waters of a formal launch.

On Thursday, HIDIVE announced that the company will launch out of its beta period. The service will adopt a new single-price subscription plan, which will be priced at $4.99 per month. The new plans will include up to three user accounts, 1080p streams, and the ability to run two concurrent streams.

The new price will launch on April 9. Users will be able to lock in the $3.99 introductory price for the next two years if they subscribe prior to the launch date.

The current beta plan offers tiered pricing. The $3.99 plan includes 720p streams, and one stream at a time. A second stream and 1080p video can be unlocked for $1 per month each, leading to a $5.99 max price. On March 26, HIDIVE will offer the concurrent streams and 1080p video as part of the standard package. Users paying more than the base $3.99 will see their prices knocked down to the base rate.

HIDIVE President John Ledford commented on the news, stating:

We are beyond enthusiastic about our unified, feature-rich subscription plan and value-engineered pricing with our move to focus solely on a premium, ad-free subscription video-on-demand service, […] This is a direct response to our users’ feedback, suggestions and collaboration during our early-access phase.


HIDIVE’s plan is a fantastic value proposition at $4.99 […] Even so, as a thank you to our earliest adopters, we are empowering them to lock-in their early-access pricing for two years at $3.99 a month for a very limited time before the new pricing becomes effective on April 9, 2018.

HIDIVE launched in June 2017, shortly after acquiring the network streaming assets from The Anime Network. The publisher recently launched apps on iOS and Android.

Since its inception, HIDIVE has primarily streamed Sentai Filmworks’ library of titles, and scooped up the exclusive streams to dubs of shows like Food Wars! and Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. In addition, though, the publisher has added numerous high-profile classes that include Legend of the Galactic Heroes, SPace Runaway Ideon, and Lone Wolf and Cub (live-action).

Source: Press Release (HIDIVE)