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Earlier today, the official Dragon Ball 20th anniversary movie’s website updated with new details on the feature. The staff and premiere date were unveiled for the film, which is tenatatively titled Dragon Ball Super, along with a key visual.

We break the details down below.

Key Visual

The new visual is a shot of Goku, holding his power pole. The tagline reads “The Super movie begins.”


Tatsuya Nagamine (HappinessCharge PreCure!, One Piece Film Z) will direct the feature at Toei Animation. Series creator Akira Toriyama is providing character designs and writing the script for the feature.

Other confirmed staffers include:

  • Animation Director: Naohiro Shintani
  • Art Director: Kazuo Ogura


Masako Nozawa will return to voice Goku in the film.


Dragon Ball Super will hit Japanese theaters on December 14.

Akira Toriyama commented on the movie, stating:

The next movie, Dragon Ball Super, will be the next story after the currently-airing anime TV series. The film will be set after the show’s climax, following the Tournament of Power that saw the fate of the universe at stake, and the short respite that followed. The film will provide new details about the Saiyans and Frieza, which hadn’t previously been revealed, along with a powerful and long-awaited new opponent to tackle, and I think it’ll be an enjoyable story!

From Battle of the Gods in 2013, to the last film Resurrection ‘F’ to this current movie, I’ve been carefully writing the story, and I’ve had the pleasure of drawing many illustrations and designs.

Actually, I’m still busy, as usual, but while I’m not serializing anything, I have plenty of time to think about the anime which was previously untouchable to me (laughs), so please look forward to it!

Well, the anime TV series has ended for now, but Toyotarō-sensei’s Dragon Ball Super populra manga (Five volumes are on sale!) will continue for a while as it is. I feel that it’ll have developments that are different from the TV series and movies, so please look forward ot it. Please don’t miss it!

Toei describes the feature as:

The theme for this remarkable new film will be “Saiyan”, the strongest race in the universe. Since “Battle of the Gods”, Goku has undergone new forms from Super Saiyan God to Super Saiyan Blue to other evolved forms that have gone up against many invincible warriors from multiple universes. This new story will focus on the origin of the Saiyans’ strength and what it means to be Saiyan.

The project is the 20th Dragon Ball movie.

Dragon Ball is one of the most iconic manga and anime properties in the world. Akira Toriyama’s original manga first appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1984. To date, the series has spawned more than 40 collected manga volumes, as well as numerous spinoffs and anime adaptations.

To date, the Dragon Ball manga has sold more than 240 million volumes worldwide.

Dragon Ball Super is the latest entry into the franchise. The series began airing on July 5, 2015 on Fuji TV. The series is being helmed by Kimitoshi Chioka (episodes 1-32) and Morio Hatano (ep 33 – present) at Toei Animation, with Tadayoshi Yamamuro (Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Beet the Vandel Buster) providing character designs. The show is the first new Dragon Ball TV series to air since Dragon Ball GT in 1996.

Funimation describes the series as:

With Majin Buu defeated, Goku has taken a completely new role as a…radish farmer?! With Earth at peace, our heroes have settled into normal lives. But they can’t get too comfortable. Far away, a powerful God awakens to a prophecy revealing his demise at the hands of a formidable being. When his search for the Saiyan God brings him to Earth, can Goku and his friends take on their strongest foe yet?

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