For folks who haven’t heard of it, Binging With Babish is one of those rare things that could only come from a place like YouTube. The series is part how-to video and part celebration of pop culture, as Andrew Rea recreates dishes from popular TV shows and movies. In the past, Rea has tackled dishes like Harry Potter‘s butter beer, Michael Scott’s infamous pretzel from The Office, Homer Simpsons’s patented Moon Waffles from The Simpsons, and more. From the classical to the completely batty, Rea continues to bring the worlds of film and food together every Tuesday.

The series has garnered millions of views to date, and saw guest appearances by John Favreau (Chef) and Kogi BBQ owner Roy Choi.

Today, Rea has set his sights on the anime world. In his latest episode, Rea turns to Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma for inspiration as he reproduces Miyoko Hōjō’s Pineapple Fried Curry Rice that appeared in the show’s 22nd episode.