Meet the folks who are going to slay the audience with this story.

Earlier today, the official Goblin Slayer anime website updated with a new teaser trailer. The trailer ends with a staff listing for the project.

We break the details down below.


The minute-long trailer introduces the world of Goblin Slayer with stylized footage of the titular Goblin Slayer stepping forth on a rainy night, ultimately taking a vantage point on a cliff.


Takaharu Ozaki (Girls’ Last Tour, Sound of the Sky) was tapped to direct Goblin Slayer at White Fox, with Takashi Nagayoshi providing character designs. Hideyuki Kurata (Drifters, Made in Abyss) is in charge of series composition, with Yousuke Kuroda (Gundam Build Fighters, Jormungand) serving as a co-writer on the project.

Mili will perform the show’s opening theme song.

Goblin Slayer will hit Japanese TV in 2018.

The series will star the following:

  • Goblin Slayer: Yuichiro Umehara
  • Priestess: Yui Ogura
  • High Elf Archer: Nao Tōyama
  • Cow Girl: Yuka Iguchi
  • Guild Girl: Maaya Uchida
  • Dwarf Shaman: Yūichi Nakamura
  • Lizard Priest: Tomokazu Sugita
  • Witch: Yōko Hikasa
  • Spearman: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

The cast members are reprising their roles from a previously-released Drama CD.

Kumo Kagyu and illstrator Noboru Kannatsuki’s Goblin Slayer novels made their debut under SB Creative’s imprint in February 2016. The series currently spans six volumes, with the seventh slated to ship to retailers on March 14.

A manga adaptation by Kōsuke Kurose launched in the pages of Square Enix’s Monthly Big Gangan on May 25, 2016. The series spans three compiled volumes, with the latest hitting stores on September 13, 2017.

Yen Press currently holds the rights to both the Goblin Slayer novels and manga. They describe the title as:

A young priestess has formed her first adventuring party, but almost immediately they find themselves in distress. It’s the Goblin Slayer who comes to their rescue–a man who’s dedicated his life to the extermination of all goblins, by any means necessary. And when rumors of his feats begin to circulate, there’s no telling who might come calling next…

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