Whether you’re heading to a small local con or an event the size of Anime Expo, you’re bound to see cosplayers roaming the convention center or hotel at any hour of the day. Cosplay has become an innate part of the modern anime con’s DNA, as folks express their adoration for their favorite franchises and fandoms every single year. Each year, we see thousands of costumed crusaders walking the halls of their conventions of choice, bringing their best and brightest even as the sun begins to rise above the horizon.

Anime Boston 2018 proved to be no exception, with innumerable cosplayers making their way to the Hynes to take part in the excitement of the event. Nearly every fandom one can think of, from The Ancient Magus’ Bride, to Sailor Moon and even Chibi Robo! found representation in the hands of a talented cosplayer.

This year, it was hard not to notice that Love Live! and Sailor Moon found plenty of ardent supporters, though like last year, folks have really been stepping their game up across the board.

We’ve collected our best cosplay photos from this year’s Anime Boston below. I would like to thank every single person featured in this segment. You’re all amazing, and Anime Boston wouldn’t be the same without you!