So, what will we call this one? “Encouragement of Escaflowne?” “Vision of Climb?” (Editor’s note: These are jokes.)

Earlier today, anime studio 8-Bit took to Twitter to announce that they’re working on a new original anime project. The project, the title of which hasn’t been revealed as of press time, will be a co-production with Vision of Escaflowne director┬áKazuki Akane.

The first crew members and visuals, as well as a basic concept were revealed for the title. We break the details down below.


Three visuals were were released:

  • One features three characters in school uniforms, set against a white background
  • One features nine characters in winter clothing, as shown from behind. Their backpacks hang low as they walk, and wisps of breath puff into the air.
  • Two character designs of characters in tennis uniforms


Kazuki Akane (Birdy the Mighty: Decode, Vision of Escaflowne) is directing the project at studio 8-Bit, with illustrator Itsuka providing original character designs.

Akane is also credited with the show’s scenario, as well as the original work.


The series will focus on children going through puberty, and the drama that the time entails.

Source: Otakomu