This director’s taking his talents from the wilds of Japari Park to an all-new frontier.

Earlier today, NHK announced that they are working with the Irodori animation group for their Yoroshiku! Fun-Fun TV program. The three-person group, which includes Kemono Friends director TATSUKI, designed main character Funfun, as well as handled the main CGI production for the character.

Misato Fukuen will provide the voice for Fun-Fun.

In addition, TATSUKI is producing the show’s opening animation sequence, which kicks off with the show’s second episode.

Yoroshiku! Fun-Fun will hit NHK’s E Tele network on Wednesday, at 9:20AM. Each episode will run for ten minutes. The series will be aimed at fourth graders, with a focus on social studies.

The series will revolve around a trio of kids from outer space, who’ve arrived on earth with… homework. Their goal is to study Japanese society as part of their assignments. The series will be a combination of live-action and animated sequences. The first episode will is titled “Water Supply.” Future planned episodes include “Trash Disposal” and “Electricity.”

The premise of Yoroshiku! Fun-Fun involves three children from outer space who have come to Earth to study Japanese society as part of their homework assignments. Yoroshiku! Fun-Fun will broadcast on NHK E TV on Wednesdays during the 09:20 time slot beginning on April 11, 2018.

Irodori is a three-person indie animation group who worked with Yaoyorozu to produce the Kemono Friends TV series. The group is composed of director TATSUKI, animation director Yoshihisa Isa, and art director Yūko Shiromizu.

The trio is currently working on an independent “hobby anime” titled Hentatsu.

Director TATSUKI is also working with Kemono Friends studio Yaoyorozu to produce an anime TV series titled Kemurikusa. The project will adapt a 2014 CGI film from Tatsuki and Irodori, which revolves around girls who fight entities known only as “mushi” in a world of crimson fog.

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