Soon, we will all dance the dance of the Devilman.

Earlier today, the official Devilman Crybaby Twitter account announced that a live-stream event will be held to promote the show’s upcoming Blu-Ray boxed set. The tweet teases that an “important announcement” will be made during the presentation.

Details on the stream will be announced later. As of press time, though, it was confirmed that the main cast members will appear on the show.

Devilman Crybaby launched as a Netflix Original series on January 5. The show debuted worldwide in more than 190 regions.

The show is a co-production between Aniplex and Dynamic Planning. Masaaki Yuasa (Ping Pong the Animation, Mind Game) directed the title at Science SARU studio, with Ichiro Okouchi (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Berserk: The Golden Age films) writing the screenplay. The Eunyoung Choi served as animation producer on the project. Kensuke Ushio scored the soundtrack.

Avu-chan performed the opening theme song Devilman no Uta (Song of Devilman), while Denki Groove handled closing theme song Konya Dake (Tonight Only)

Netflix describes Devilman Crybaby as:

The protagonist Akira Fudo (Koki Uchiyama) learns from his best friend, Ryo Asuka (Ayumu Murase), that an ancient race of demons has returned to take back the world from humans. Ryo tells Akira that the only way to defeat the demons is to incorporate their supernatural powers, and suggests that he unite with a demon himself. Akira succeeds in transforming into Devilman, who possesses both the powers of a demon and the soul of a human. The battle of Devilman and Akira Fudo begins. The series, comprised of 10 episodes, is a Science SARU production and will launch on Netflix globally in Spring 2018.

Source: Twitter (DevilManCrybaby)