About a month ago, Anime Herald reported on the news that the music group Kalafina would not be continuing operations as usual due to the departure of Yuki Kajiura from Space Craft Produce. At the time, it was revealed that one member would be leaving the group as soon as their contract expired. Unfortunately at the time we had no idea which member it was… now we do.

It was revealed this morning via Kalafina’s LINE blog that singer Keiko will be leaving the group. In her statement she thanked people for supporting Kalafina over the last ten years and helping them achieve their goal of performing at Budokan.

Kalafina started as a project of Yuki Kajiura in 2008 and flourished over the years that followed. Before the news of Kajiura’s exit, the group had managed to release over twenty singles and six albums.

Via Canta-Per-Me