Quick note, this isn’t the one that sells music and anime.

On March 20, Memory-Tech Holdings acquired Pony Canyon Enterprise in its entirety. The company purchased 100% of Pony Canyon Enterprise’s stock for an undisclosed sum.

Pony Canyon Enterprise was a subsidiary of Pony Canyon, which worked as a video, editing, post-production, and home video (Blu-Ray and DVD) authoring house. The publisher produces subtitles and dubs for video features, encodes videos for streaming formats, and works in sound production for anime projects.

Memory-Tech Holdings is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association. The publisher has been steadily increasing its presence within the anime realm since 2009, when the publisher formed CGI studio Graphica. The studio was founded after Memory-Tech purchased Gonzo’s digital video division through its Q-Tec subsidiary.

In November 2017, the publisher picked up TYO Animations and REAL-T from AOI TYO Holdings. Memory-Tech renamed TYO to Yumeta Company, a name that was shelved after Yumeta merged with Hal Film Maker in 2009 to form TYO Animations.

Source: Anime News Network