This giant robot story is about to get even more theatrical.

Earlier today, fans flocked to Tokyo for the “Gundam 00 Festival 10 Re:vision” fan event. During the show, which was held to celebrate Mobile Suit Gundam 00‘s tenth anniversary, news broke that Gundam 00 will receive a stage play.

The production will open in February 2019. More details will be announced this summer on the anime’s official website.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 originally aired in the Fall 2007 broadcast season. Seiji Mizushima (Fullmetal Alchemist, The Slayers NEXT) directed the project at Sunrise, with Michinori Chiba (Basilisk, The Slayers Return) and Yun Kouga(Un-Go, Carol) providing character designs. Yousuke Kuroda was in charge of series composition for the title.

Right Stuf currently distributes the title in North America, with Sunrise serving as publisher. They describe the series as:

The year is 2307 A.D. While the Earth’s reserves of fossil fuels have been depleted, humanity has obtained a new, nearly infinite source of energy to replace them in the form of large-scale solar-powered generation systems based on three huge orbital elevators. However, the benefits of this system are available only to a handful of major powers and their allies.

These orbital elevators belong to three superpower blocs: the Union, the Human Reform League and the AEU. These confederations continue to play a grand zero-sum game for the sake of their own prestige and prosperity. Thus, even in the 24th Century, humanity has yet to unite as one.

In this world of unceasing conflict, a private armed organization steps forward, declaring their intention to eliminate war through martial force. Using the power of their mobile suits combatively, a series of four high-performance machines each dubbed “Gundam,” the paramilitary organization known as Celestial Being takes the world stage, beginning armed interventions within all the world’s nations.

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