Bubblegum Crisis Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Boxart

Get those ’80s fashions ready to roll, anime fans, because AnimEigo is taking us to a cyberpunk Disctopia! Er… again!

Earlier today, AnimEigo CEO Robert Woodhead announced that AnimEigo will release Bubblegum Crisis on standard edition Blu-Ray. The release, which is slated to hit stores this fall, carries the working title of the “Hi-def Disctopia” Edition.

AnimEigo originally released a limited-edition version of Bubblegum Crisis in 2015. The release was funded through Kickstarter, and beat its funding goal within four days.

Bubblegum Crisis is an eight-episode OVA series from AIC. The title saw releases through 1991, before sequel title Bubblegum Crash hit retailers in 1991.

The series saw several directors for the project through its run, including:

  • Episodes 1-4: Katsuhito Akiyama (Gall Force – Eternal Story, Sol Bianca)
  • Episode 6: Masami Obari (Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue, Gravion)
  • Episode 8: Hiroaki Gohda (Ah! My Goddess, Landreaall)

Gunsmith Cats creator Kenichi Sonoda (Otaku no Video, Gall Force – Eternal Story) provided character designs, while Kōji Makaino (The Rose of Versailles, Magical Angel Creamy Mami) scored the soundtrack. Toshimichi Suzuki is listed as the original creator.

AnimEigo describes the title as:

It is the year 2032 A.D. Like a Phoenix, the city of MegaTokyo is rising from the ashes of a devastating earthquake. In the twisted canyons of the megalopolis, the Knight Sabers, a small band of high tech mercenaries, fight a lonely battle against the evil GENOM Corporation and its sinister androids, the Boomers. Venture into an all too probable future, where technology has run amuck, and emotion is all that separates Man from Machine.

Source: Twitter (AnimEigo)