My fellow anime fans, good afternoon.

Today is a fantastic day for Anime Herald and Anime Feminist. Our organizations are joining forces in a new content sharing partnership, which we jointly announced in a press release yesterday.

Starting April 23, our news room content (basically, anything listed as “News Reporting”) will be syndicated via Anime Feminist’s website. Our feed will be distributed as part of their daily output, as a supplement to their fantastic editorial offerings. Together, we’ll be working together to expand the range of feminist-friendly content available to anime fans.

Both Anime Feminist editor-in-chief Amelia Cook and I offered comments on the news:

Samantha Ferreira

We’re excited to be able to enter this partnership with Anime Feminist. We’ve always operated on the idea that anime fans deserve to expect better from their publications, and the folks at AniFem embody that ideal in every part of their operations.

Amelia Cook

Partnering with like-minded creators as a way to offer our readers a greater range of content while supporting other independent organisations makes perfect sense for AniFem. Anime Herald approaches news with the same feminist lens we apply to our editorial content, and their values are 100% in line with our own. Partnership was an easy decision, and the first step to making Anime Feminist a one stop shop for feminist fans of anime, manga, and other Japanese pop culture.

What does this mean?

Honestly? For you, as a reader? Well, that depends! We’ll still be talking nerdy to you day in and day out. We’ll also be bringing our news content to AniFem going forward. We won’t be be making significant changes to our reporting, and we won’t be┬ádoing much different from our daily routines.

We’ll continue to work tirelessly to bring you the very latest news and developments from Japan. We’re proud of our newsroom, and we’ll be working our hardest to ensure that our quality remains as high as it’s ever been.

Thank you for your support over the past eight years. I hope you look forward to us talking nerdy to you as we head into the future!