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Sunrise Unveils New Gundam UC Project “Gundam NT”

It’s time to open Laplace’s box… Wait, that already happened? Well, crud.

Earlier today, Sunrise hosted the “Gundam Franchise’s New Work Unveiling” live streaming event. During the show, the studio announced that they’re working on a new entry into the Gundam UC franchise, titled Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative (Kido Senshi Gundam NT. Following the reveal, Sunrise opened a website for the project, which features a trailer and visual, as well as details on the show’s staff, characters, Mobile Suits, and storyline.

We break the details down below:


The minute-long promo features short snippets of footage from the show, as text blurbs set up the main story beats. A thumping electronica track is used as a background track.


The visual features Yona Bashuta in uniform, leaping forth from a burst of energy. The Narrative Gundam stands beside him.


Shunichi Yoshizawa will direct Mobile Suit Gundam NT at Sunrise, with Se Jun Kim (Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS) providing character designs. Harutoshi Fukui (Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2202) is writing the title’s screenplay.

Other confirmed staffers include:

  • Original Character Design: Kumiko Takahashi
  • Mechanical Design: Hajime Katoki
  • Mechanical Design: Eiji Komatsu
  • Editor: Daisuke Imai
  • Special Effects Director: Kumiko Taniguchi
  • Director of Photography: Kentarō Waki
  • Color Design: Takako Suzuki
  • Art Director: Yukiko Maruyama
  • Art Director: Yoshimi Mineda
  • Sound Director: Eriko Kimura
  • Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
  • Original Work: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Original Work: Hajime Yatate


Four characters were confirmed:

Yona Bashuta

Age 25. A second lieutenant in the Earth Federation Space Forces. Pilot of the Narrative Gundam, sent as reinforcement in the “Phoenix Hunt” initiative. He’s the childhood friend of Rita and Michelle, and was a victim during a disaster in Australia as a child.

Yona Bashuta

Michelle Luio

Age 25. Special Advisor to the Luio company. She specializes in fortune telling through Bamboo Stick Divination, and has gained tremendous trust from the political and business worlds. She boards the clap-class Space Cruiser Damascus, which carries out the “Phoenix Hunt” initiative with the Narrative Gundam’s might as reinforcement.

Michelle Luio

Rita Bernal

A second lieutenant in the Earth Federation Space Forces, and pilot of RX-0 Unicorn 03 “Fennex”. She was also a victim of the Australia disaster, and has been called a “miracle kid” in the past.

Rita Bernal

Zoltan Akkanen

Pilot of the Sinanju Stein.

Zoltan Akkanen

Mobile Suits

Narrative Gundam

Mobile Suit manufactured by Anaheim Electronics Co., and piloted by Yona Bashuta. The unit was developed as a test build of the RX-93 ν Gundam, and every part of the ship is based on the ν Gundam. As its main purpose is to acquire data as a test unit, armor isn’t affixed to various part of the craft, leaving its frame structures exposed. The armor itself only covers the Vulcan on the arms, which is built by the Luio Shokai for the “Phoenix Hunt” strategy. It’s able to operate with multiple armaments.

Narrative Gundam

RX-0 Unicorn 03 – “Fennex”

The golden RX-0 Unicorn 03, which was built using the data of White unit No. 1 and Black unit No. 2. Based on the body of the Full Psycho Frame, which was previously built for testing. The unit went missing in U.C. 0095, following a runway accident.

RX-0 Unicorn 03 – “Fennex”

Sinanju Stein

Prototype Mobile Suit, developed as a wireframe strength/follow-up test machine in the “UC Plan.” The unit bears Development Code Stein 01. In U.C. 0094, the Earth Federation Space Army was transporting the Sinanju Stein on a clap cruiser. The unit was said to have been stolen during transportation.

Sinanju Stein


Sunrise describes Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative as:

The year U.C. 0097 — The year in which Laplace’s Box was opened. Though the “Universal Century Charter”, which acknowledges the existence of Newtypes and their rights, was revealed, the world hasn’t changed significantly.

The conflict known as the “Laplace Incident” appears to have ended with the collaps of the Neo Zenon force kown as “The Sleeves.” In the final battle, two Full Psycho Frame Mobile Suits showed power that went beyond human knowledge. The threat of the White Unicorn and Black Lion were sealed away, kept away from public consciousness, they should have been forgotten…

However, the RX-0 Unicorn 03, which had thought to be lost two years ago, began to appear within the Earth Sphere once more. The immortal Golden Phoenix… its name is “Fennex.”

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative will receive theatrical screenings, with the first episode hitting this November. Tickets will cost 1,800 yen ($16.71 USD), and advance buyers will receive a free clear file (while supplies last). 35 theaters will screen the feature.

Gunpla are already in the works, with the three main Mobile Suits receiving 1/144 HG sets this year. The first will be the RX-0 Unicorn 03 “Fennex” (Destroy Mode), which hits stores in June, with a suggested price of 3,024 yen ($28.05 USD).

Sources: Comic Natalie, Otakomu, Animate Times

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