Yeah, it’s a siscon thing…

Yesterday, Discotek Media revealed a list of releases slated to hit stores in the next few months. In the list of reveals, the publisher announced that they licensed Sister Princess and sequel series Sister Princess Re Pure.

Both seasons of the show will be released on Blu-Ray on June 26. Though Sister Princess Re Pure will be subtitled-only, the first season will include ADV Films’ dub for the series.

Sister Princess

Sister Princess originally aired in the Spring 2001 broadcast season. The series was directed by the team of Kiyotaka Ohata (Eiken) and Ikuji Inada at ZEXCS, with Yasunari Nitta (Our Home’s Fox Deity, Maburaho) providing character designs. Masaharu Amiya (Ai Yori Aoshi, CLAMP School Detectives) was in charge of series composition.

Discotek describes the show as:

Wataru Minakami was at the top of his class in middle school and had a pretty comfy life in Tokyo. But, when he unexpectedly fails his only high school entrance exam because of a computer glitch, his life is suddenly thrown into utter chaos! Jeeves, Wataru’s trusted butler, sends him off to attend school on a mysterious island. Upon his arrival, Wataru encounters many friendly, cute girls. This isn’t a problem until he finds out they are all his sisters! For most kids, adjusting to life at a new school in a different town is tough enough. But for Wataru Minakami, high school will be the easy part!

Sister Princess Re Pure

Sister Princess Re Pure aired in the Fall 2002 broadcast season. The team of Nagisa Miyazaki (Negima!, D.C. ~Da Capo~) and Tsubame Shimodaya directed the project at ZEXCS, with Yasunari Nitta providing character designs. Masaharu Amiya returned to handle series composition for the project.

Discotek describe the show as:

Though they may come from different countries (and even different mothers) and have various temperaments and personalities, these 12 girls dote on their older teenaged brother. However, in RePure, all of the siblings live apart, which forces the (unnamed) brother to share his time with all of the sisters, from the elementary school-aged Hinako to the high school-aged Sakuya, who sees herself tied together to her brother by “the red string of fate.” The tomboy Mamoru just wants to catch up to her brother and be his physical equal and sporting companion, while Shirayuki dreams of an unlikely marriage, and Chikage uses magic in an attempt to seduce him. By turns funny, heartwarming and bittersweet, RePure focuses on the sibling interactions, but also spotlights an individual sister in each episode, exploring her psyche and relationship to her big brother. In the end, though, this gentle, romantic-tinged comedy culminates with a Christmas episode that brings together the baker’s dozen of a family as they realize what makes them a family.

Sources: Facebook (Discotekmedia) [1] [2] (Thanks to L.B. Bryant for the tip!)