Meeting Date: 4/28/2018

Disclaimer: The Herald Anime Club discusses shows as they’re airing. Naturally, there will be spoilers for a given episode. You have been warned!

Samantha Ferreira: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Herald Anime Club! I’m Samantha Ferreira, and I’m here with L.B. Bryant this week
L.B. Bryant: Hello!
Samantha Ferreira: Today, we’re going back to GGO for more Sword Art Online Alternative. The past is dead, and now P-Chan needs to be fed… or something.
L.B. Bryant: I really enjoyed this episode except for one bit which we’ll get to in a little while. First, let’s talk about the all the awesome action this episode delivered.
Samantha Ferreira: Did it ever! We’re finally back to the present, the pros are out, and the final three teams are going at it. We get sniping, we get sick dodge rolls, we got a lot of just-plain kinetic fun
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, the hovercraft battle was particularly well done IMO.
L.B. Bryant: Though I laughed when M pulled out that monster shield which he admitted he got from an underground shop.
Samantha Ferreira: That was amazing.

Samantha Ferreira: “Oh yeah, this doesn’t exist in real life, but screw it”
L.B. Bryant: Seriously… who carries around a spaceship armor plate??
Samantha Ferreira: Apparently, him!
Samantha Ferreira: And he’s apparently a good enough sniper that he doesn’t need the sight lines.
L.B. Bryant: I’m surprised that thing is even allowed in the game let alone in a battle royale setting lol
Samantha Ferreira: I know!
Samantha Ferreira: It’s like… “Yep, interstellar plate that breaks the game? Sure!”
L.B. Bryant: lol exactly
Samantha Ferreira: Not going to life, though… the fanboats made me laugh. Like.. They’re in this apocalyptic wasteland, and “SUDDENLY THE FANBOATS ARE HERE”
L.B. Bryant: Well it’s not totally shocking that there would be fanboats near a lake.
Samantha Ferreira: True. I just thought it was funny. Like… I could see if they actually did go on land (since they were actually hovercrafts), but that never actually happened. Every time we saw one, they were firmly in the water
L.B. Bryant: Though what really tickled me was the troop of women warriors who were able to snipe at LLENN and M.

Samantha Ferreira: Same. That was a great moment. Like “Oh shit, they’re 600 meters – BLAM-”
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, very tense moment.
Samantha Ferreira: Indeed.
Samantha Ferreira: It really injected some needed tension into the battle royale again.
L.B. Bryant: Yeah though I was confused at one part. When the scan happened, LLENN said that there were four teams left which meant that they were guaranteed third place or better. Did I hear that wrong or is her math just a little optimistic?
Samantha Ferreira: Three teams.
Samantha Ferreira: Her, and the two in the desert
L.B. Bryant: Ah okies.
L.B. Bryant: That was confusing me for a few minutes heh
Samantha Ferreira: Yeah. It came across a little weird
L.B. Bryant: Did you have any other points about the main part of the episode before we get into the ending?

Samantha Ferreira: Honestly, not really. This was beautifully done. The pacing was spot-on, with great action and gunplay, and the fight choreography was just fantastic.
Samantha Ferreira: The little flashback with Pito was great, too, as it kind of helped ground the characters again
Samantha Ferreira: Also, “M” being short for “Mapper” or “Map” was cute.
L.B. Bryant: Side note: I’ve been told that Pito means penis in Spanish slang so a good chunk of the world is getting an unintentional giggle at this series.
Samantha Ferreira: snerk
L.B. Bryant: I thought anyone reading this might like to know that :)
L.B. Bryant: So, that non-cliffhanger ending really bugged the piss out of me lol
Samantha Ferreira: lol
Samantha Ferreira: I knew you were going to bring that up

L.B. Bryant: I was annoyed when it ended on the cliffhanger but I understood it. Then we got to the post credit sequence and yeah… totally ruined the whole thing lol
Samantha Ferreira: I actually liked that they took the wind out of it.
Samantha Ferreira: It was a great subversion
Samantha Ferreira: And it kind of showed a lot about M. that we didn’t know already?
Samantha Ferreira: Like how he’s kind of a big coward?
L.B. Bryant: I have to think that I would’ve been much more excited to see next week’s episode without the post credits scene.
Samantha Ferreira: I’m still super excited… we have plenty of questions now
L.B. Bryant: Instead we got a moment which was hilarious but totally ruined the vibe.

Samantha Ferreira: Like “who wanted her to die” and “why is this happening now?”
Samantha Ferreira: Remember… he said “exactly 15:00”
L.B. Bryant: I have to believe it’s Pito. I don’t know her motivation but I think it’s her.
Samantha Ferreira: Well yeah.
Samantha Ferreira: But it would be nice if it was, like, a mild surprise or something
L.B. Bryant: Yeah but I doubt we’re going to get that major of a swerve.
Samantha Ferreira: True.
Samantha Ferreira: This show’s been surprisingly gentle in that department
L.B. Bryant: Indeed
Samantha Ferreira: I’m still banking on it being something silly like:
Samantha Ferreira: 1) Pito is that singer that LLENN likes
Samantha Ferreira: 2) She got the letter
Samantha Ferreira: 3) She wanted to surprise LLENN somehow and needed her awake at 3:00PM precisely
Samantha Ferreira: It’s my hunch
L.B. Bryant: Yeah, I’m pretty certain you’re right about the first two points but I’m iffy on the third.
Samantha Ferreira: It’s one of those cases where it would be mildly surprising if true, no big deal if not, so… yeah

L.B. Bryant: Yeah truth.
Samantha Ferreira: There’s something with the 15:00 time though
L.B. Bryant: Yeah no clue about that.
Samantha Ferreira: Same…
Samantha Ferreira: that’s my big question. Why 15:00 specifically?
L.B. Bryant: Just to bother you :)
Samantha Ferreira: True enough, lol
Samantha Ferreira: Anyway, any final words for this week?
L.B. Bryant: None from me
Samantha Ferreira: Likewise… well, I guess we’ll find out what happens next time. ’til then, remember: 15:00. That is all.
Samantha Ferreira: Have a great night!
L.B. Bryant: Later!