Menushima Volume 4 Manga CoverSo, ah… you know those moments in Food Wars!? Yeaaah. This goes even more over-the-top.

Earlier today, the fourth compiled volume of Amida Muku’s Menishuma manga shipped to retailers. The wraparound band on the book announced that the title will receive an anime adaptation.

Menishuma will launch on the Tate Animation smartphone app. As of press time, no further details have been announced.

Amida Muku’s Menishuma manga made its d├ębut on image sharing site Pixiv. The title later launched in Tokuma Shoten’s Comic Zenon magazine in 2016. The series is a “gourmet” manga, which highlights expressions of ecstasy, which are typically only seen in the face of weary salarymen as they chow down with a good meal.

Source: Comic Natalie