It seems like we were just talking about what spring would bring, doesn’t it?

On May 19, Crunchyroll announced that they will stream four titles as part of their Summer 2018 broadcast lineup. The publisher will add the following:

  • Island
  • To Be Heroine
  • The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar
  • Dies Irae (Final Six Episodes)

The first episode of To Be Heroine launched yesterday for all subscribers outside of Asia.


ISLAND Key visual

Keiichiro Kawaguchi (Nurse Witch Komugi R, Hayate the Combat Butler) was tapped to direct the project at studio feel., with Kōsuke Kawamura (Frame Arms Girl, OniAi) providing character designs. Naruhisa Arakawa (Blue Seed, Outbreak Company) is in charge of series composition.

Crunchyroll describes the show as:

The island of Urashima sits on the ocean far, far away from the mainland. The island is so lush and beautiful that one might mistake it for paradise, but the people there are trapped by a complex past and long-established traditions. Long since abandoned and all but forgotten by the mainland, the people of the island are ready to give up hope. But then, a young man named Setsuna who calls himself a “time traveler” washes up on the island. Setsuna has lost all of his memories except for a certain mission that he must fulfill. On Urashima he meets three girls, Rinne, Karen, and Sara, and begins to work toward changing the island’s future. The story of a young man and the three girls he meets on an island full of mysteries and exclusive customs is about to be unraveled…

To Be Heroine

To Be Heroine Key Visual

Li Haolin is directing To Be Heroine and writing the screenplay at Emon Animation Company, with Ken Ando providing the Japanese script.

Passcode will perform opening theme song Ray, and Re-connect was tapped to perform closing theme Koibana Renbo.

Crunchyroll describes the title as:

Everyone around Futaba expects her to grow up and become an adult, and she’s lost the ability to keep herself mentally balanced. At the bottom of her heart, her childish self is still there, and still strong.

One day she wanders into another dimension, a world where the light has been lost, and darkness rules. The people there exist as babies wearing only their underpants. The clothes they wear can be summoned as powerful fighters called “Spiclo” (Spirit Cloth).

In this world, a battle was being fought between light and darkness…

However, this battle between light and darkness in another dimension was actually the battle between hope and despair in Futaba’s heart…

The Master of Ragnarök & Blesser of Einherjar

The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Key Visual

Kōsuke Kobayashi (Alice or Alice) will direct The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar anime at EMT Squared, with Mariko Ito (Anonymous Noise, Log Horizon) providing character designs. Natsuko Takahashi (Hakyū Hōshin Engi, Yuyushiki) is in charge of series composition for the project.

Source: Crunchyroll