It looks like Bilibili is a company that’s on the grow!

Earlier today, job site Wantedly updated with numerous openings for new animation studio Bilibili Movie. According to the listing, the studio is based on Tokyo’s Ningyocho ward, and will be part of streaming giant Bilibili’s Japanese subdivision.

Bilibili Movie is hiring for numerous positions, including:

  • Directors
  • Animators
  • Animation Directors

Bilibili Movie Job Listing Visual

According to the listings, Bilibili Movie will be tasked with producing original anime titles for the company’s digital platform. The studio ultimately aims to deliver three titles per year.

The page also notes that “since there is backing from the headquarters in China, we can produce with an abundance of funding.”

Bilibili is China’s biggest anime streaming provider, dwarfing behemoths iQIYI and Tencent in the category. The platform offers both paid and ad-supported models, as is typical of the Chinese streaming market.

Your Name. Key VisualThe platform grew immensely between January 2015 and July 2017, during which it added over 300 new anime titles. This includes simulcasts of current shows, including Mr. Osomatsu 2 and Himouto! Umaru-chan R. During the two-year period, Bilibili invested in over twenty anime projects, including Space Patrol Luluco and Akiba’s Trip: The Animation.

Last year, the platform picked up the Chinese digital rights to hit film Your Name..

Earlier this year, Bilibili launched an IPO on the United States’ NASDAQ index. The initial funding brought in $483 million on an $400 million expectation.

Sources: Otakomu